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My heart's desire is to create lyrical piano music to lift your spirits and it's you, my listener who are giving me inspiration.
Thank you for your love, support and wonderful messages. I am excited to share with you my latest work - Peace a christmas album celebrating the warmth and light of the holiday season.
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Contemporary solo pianist and composer, Kendra Logozar (formerly Kendra Springer) is a fresh, inspiring voice in the instrumental genre. Her melodies sing above delicate yet energetic chordal accompaniment, through all the varying moods of the human heart.

An active member of the Whisperings ( community of new age / contemporary pianists, Kendra both relaxes and inspires with her unique flavor of music. A crowd favorite at Whisperings concerts, Kendra can also be heard on Youtube, Pandora, Calm Radio and a variety of stations around the world.

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Kendra Logozar - Peace

13 melodic and relaxing solo piano renditions of classic Christmas songs, including a duet with Michael Logozar on Carol of the Bells…

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Album Reviews

"Peace" is the third solo piano album from Kendra Logozar ("Faith" 2012 and "Hope" 2009 were released under her maiden name, Kendra Springer). Over the past decade or so, there has been a trend to release quiet Christmas albums to relax and counteract the stresses of the holiday season, but I’m not sure anyone has succeeded in this endeavor quite as well as Kendra Logozar has. I have to admit that I also love the spirited, joyful side of Christmas music, but Peace is so graceful and beautiful that it’s already one of my favorite Christmas albums. Kendra’s elegant touch and musical sensitivity bring new life to these well-worn chestnuts, refreshing them and giving them a personal interpretation. Sometimes when music is referred to as “quiet and peaceful” it means that it’s very simple, but while this album can easily slip into the background, it merits repeated listenings with more focused attention - thirteen absolutely gorgeous arrangements including a duet of “Carol of the Bells” with her pianist/composer husband, Michael.

"Peace" begins with a lovely arrangement of “The Holly and the Ivy” that brings out the innocent charm of the melody. “Silent Night” starts out with a quiet “Joy to the World” before segueing into the main song, which is hushed and reverent. “Carol of the Bells” opens simply, gradually building energy as it evolves and becoming a sparkling duet with Michael Logozar - love this one! “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells” are often uptempo and playful, but Kendra really brings out the beauty of both melodies, making the songs thoughtful and cozy. “Go Tell It On the Mountain” has a light, dancing rhythm that honors the original gospel style but gives an entirely new take on the song. “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is one of the very first Christmas carols and is one of my own favorites. I love Kendra’s haunting arrangement! The only other time I’ve heard “Los Peces en el Rio” was on a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, and I’ve always wondered why it isn’t included in more collections. Kendra’s arrangement is quieter and more subtle, but that wonderful melody is even more beautiful in her hands. I don’t think I’ve heard “There’s a Song in the Air” before, but what an evocative piece! The music goes back to 1905 - love it! This exceptional album closes with a heartfelt arrangement of “The First Noel” that again emphasizes the melody with sensitivity and deep emotion.

Kendra Logozar has created a true work of art with "Peace" - one that will be a favorite Christmas album for many years to come. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons

Kendra Springer - Hope

Kendra's Debut Piano CD, released in 2009... was the top listened to album on for several months. Includes the favorite title track, and Angels to Guard You.

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Album Reviews

Kendra Springer
2009 / Kendra Springer
51.4 minutes

Hope is the debut recording by pianist/composer Kendra Springer, and what a beautiful beginning it is! The thirteen tracks include six original compositions, one vocal, and occasional sparing usage of atmospheric sounds. Most of the pieces are pure solo piano, and the piano sound is excellent. Springer cites influences as diverse as Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Glenn Miller, Kenny G, Jim Brickman, Yanni, David Foster, and Walter Afanasieff, and that diversity goes a long way in giving her a distinctive sound. I was surprised to learn that Springer is mostly self-taught since there are strong classical influences in her music and no trace of the unimaginative left hand that is a dead give-away for many self-taught pianists. On her website, Springer says, "As an artist, my goal in making music is to create an ambiance of soothing relaxation through the healing power of music, to lift your spirits." I would say that she has succeeded very well in reaching her goal with grace, heartfelt expression, and an obvious love for her music and instrument.

Hope begins with the title tune, which is one of my favorites. The rubato flow and graceful lyricism of the piece immediately catch your attention and make you want to pay close attention to the rest of the album. I also really like the dreamy “Hint of Dawn,” which overflows with wistful optimism and contentment. “Your Eyes Are Closed” is based on a traditional tango (“Sus Ojos”) and is a bit darker and more dramatic. “Angela” was apparently composed in honor of a beloved aunt and often conveys her name in notes. Gentle and very loving, it’s a tender beauty! “True Love” sings of joy, wonder, and deep emotion. “Reminiscence” is a gorgeous adaption of the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul,” updating and personalizing it to perfection. “Where Sky Meets Sea” begins with the sound of the ocean along with Native American flute and string washes which give way to solo piano after about a minute. This graceful and evocative beauty is another favorite. “Coming Home” is a lovely medley that includes parts of the Largo movement of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” and “The River Is Wide,” a combination I never would have thought to put together, but that works seamlessly. “With You” is a vocal love song that includes percussion and piano. Earthy with a touch of the blues, it shows another musical side of Kendra Springer that fits in well with the rest of the album. “Above the Clouds” closes the album with a warm and contented day dream.

Kendra Springer is certainly off to a promising start with her first album! It can be purchased from, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!
Kathy Parsons


Kendra Springer - Faith

Kendra's 2012 release, produced by Michael Logozar. Includes Whisperings favorites Skagit Valley and Every Spring.

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Album Reviews

Kendra Springer
2012 / Kendra Springer
52.6 minutes

Faith is the follow-up to Kendra Springer’s 2009 debut, Hope. As much as I liked her first album, I like Faith even better. All thirteen original pieces are solo piano this time (no vocals or keyboard embellishments) and have an elegant, graceful flow designed to be uplifting, soothing, and healing. The influence of classical composers such as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are apparent in the complexity of the music, but this music is firmly rooted in the 21st century. Produced by fellow pianist Michael Logozar, the piano sound is velvety yet crystal clear - no harshness and no mush - perfect! The freedom in Springer’s playing style suggests extensive improvisation, and it suits her music well, giving it a freshness and spontaneity that is hard to beat. Hope was an exceptionally promising first album, but Faith is certain to establish Springer as an artist with enduring staying power.

Faith begins with “Skagit Valley,” named for an area in the northeast corner of WA state known for its tulips. Springer’s light, dancing touch on the piano keys makes this a wonderful opening piece that provides a warm welcome and enticement to see what follows. “Every Spring” has a gentle fluidity that meanders a bit, but never gets off-track. Spontaneous yet cohesive, this piece is a favorite. “Figurine” reminds me of the fantasies I used to make up about the various figurines my grandmother had all over her house, collected from her travels. Simple and very graceful, it’s funny how it triggers a long-forgotten memory from my childhood. The title track is a bit more energetic - strong and confident. “Kathleen’s Lullaby” is as soothing as a cup of hot cocoa by a cozy fireplace fire - another favorite. “Sonora” is very slow and spare but breathtakingly beautiful. The middle section takes on a Spanish/Mexican flavor that makes the piece even more intriguing, and then returns to the original theme. “Prism” captures the delicate flash of colorful reflected light, sometimes slow and sometimes quick, moving at the whim of a breeze. defines “Spelnienie” as the Polish term for “fulfillment,” and this piece seems to be all about contentment and satisfaction - light, gentle, and very warm. “Illumine” is my favorite piece. Very fluid and free, the graceful melody conveys passion mixed with longing and a sense of peace. Love it! This exceptional album concludes with “Through a Glass,” which is also a favorite (I know - I have a lot of favorites on this album!). Very dreamy and peaceful, it floats you along on a fluffy cloud of sound - sigh!

Faith is a beauty from the first note to the last. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons

Michael Logozar - Time

Michael's 2012 release, nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Album of the year, GMA Canada Covenant Award Instrumental Album of the Year, and spent 7 months in the Zone Music Reporter top 40.

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Album Reviews

Michael Logozar
2012 / Michael Logozar
44.6 minutes

Time is the wonderful follow-up to Michael Logozar’s 2008 debut, Coming Into View. The ten original piano solos convey a variety of moods and experiences, but the music is always flowing, elegant and beautifully expressed. Where Logozar’s first album was mostly improvised with some post-recording editing, Time is more composed - and recorded on an acoustic Yamaha grand. Logozar worked with Grammy Award-winning Corin Nelsen on mixing and mastering the final product and the results are a warm, clean piano sound that is clear but not overly bright. As often happens with artists in all genres and media, life’s difficulties seem to have inspired Logozar to reach new heights with his music. However, rather than expressing the dark side of those difficulties, Logozar’s newer compositions seek a peaceful and calming influence in his often late-night compositions.

Time begins with “The River,” a gentle piece that sets the tone of the album. The graceful motion of the music suggests the movement of water as it flows lazily but constantly. The more energetic passages convey power and strength, returning each time to effortless tranquility with sparks of sunshine dancing on the water. “Awakening” expresses the hope and promise of a fresh start, whether it is a new day or a new phase of life. “Midnight Waltz” is a bittersweet waltz that begins slowly, picking up the tempo at the mid-point and then gradually slowing as it winds down. I really like this one! The title track is another favorite. Gentle and very introspective, it evokes images of reflective late-night musings at the piano. “Around the Bend” feels like a musical daydream - wondering what’s ahead and anticipating the unknown. “Innocence” sweetly captures that elusive quality found mostly in very young children - simple, full of wonder, and very fragile. “The Sun Will Shine” is hope and optimism set to music. Graceful and uncomplicated, the warmth of this piece is inviting and deeply comforting. “In a Dream” closes the set with a longer piece that feels more improvised than the other nine tracks. Very free and unstructured, it floats on air much like, well, a dream, making it easy to surrender to the music, allowing it to take you on a effortless musical journey.

Time is an anxiously-awaited gem that was well worth the wait! It is available from Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Very enthusiastically recommended!

Kathy Parsons


Michael Logozar - Coming Into View

Michael's debut 2008 Release, includes favorites Linger, A New Day, and Autumn Rain.

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Album Reviews

Coming Into View

Michael Logozar
2008 / Michael Logozar
53.5 minutes

“Coming Into View” is the debut release by pianist/composer Michael Logozar. A classically-trained pianist from an early age, the Canadian-born Logozar formed a recording studio and production company in Calgary where he composed and produced many styles of music for other artists. After many years, he decided to return to his own pianistic roots, and this beautiful and compelling CD of ten original piano solos is the result. Although the music is largely improvised, it is melodic, flowing, and very soothing. Citing David Lanz and Michael Jones as strong influences, Logozar’s playing style is very much his own. Gentle, delicate, and very expressive, this is a perfect CD for quiet dinners, relaxation, and getting lost in. It is a lovely and unobtrusive backdrop, but is complex and interesting enough to listen to over and over without it getting old. Logozar’s music can be heard underscoring a number of films and television shows, and has been nominated by the Los Angeles Music Awards and Unisong International Songwriting contests.

The CD begins with “Orchard Hill,” a graceful and very spare piece that sets the light and peaceful tone of the album. “Linger” is almost fragile in its delicacy - like a savored moment. “Soaring” seems to be depicting the freedom of floating on a cloud or gliding through space as in a dream - very calm and tranquil. “Autumn Rain” is one of my favorites - very dreamy and lightly percussive like the rhythm of a lazy rain shower (the kind I like to go walking in!). “The Promise” is a gorgeous ballad that comes from the heart - a deeply-felt and sincere vow set to music. “A New Day” conveys the warmth and anticipation of a fresh start - uncluttered and carefree. “If I Could” is another favorite - a daydream set to music with a leisurely pace and heartfelt melody. “Coming Home” is also a beauty - optimistic but somewhat bittersweet, as most emotional experiences are.

“Coming Into View” is an impressive freshman effort and is sure to turn more than a few heads. Treat yourself to calming piano at its best!

Kathy Parsons


Michael Logozar - Piano Haven EP

Linger, and Autumn Rain, recorded at Piano Haven on a Kawai RX7. This version of Autumn Rain is a new version that Michael is often heard playing live.

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Michael Logozar - The Road Ahead

Michael's 2013 Release. Nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Album of the year.

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Album Reviews

The Road Ahead

Michael Logozar
2013 / Michael Logozar
50 minutes

The Road Ahead is Michael Logozar’s third album of original piano solos, following his 2008 debut Coming Into View and 2012’s Time (one of my Favorites for the year). This collection of fourteen new pieces reflects the joy and optimism of Logozar’s recent marriage and of sharing and planning the years ahead with a beloved soulmate. While not overly “showy” or dramatic, Logozar’s playing is heartfelt, confident, and true. Many musicians play from the heart (or claim to), but when an artist has the playing chops to do whatever his composer’s heart wants to express, it makes such a compelling difference. Logozar is an artist with great sensitivity as well as passion, and this album is definitely a candidate for my 2013 Favorites list. It makes a wonderful backdrop for other activities, but please don’t leave this one in the background because there is so much to hear and feel with full attention.

The Road Ahead begins with “This Joy,” a lighthearted yet substantial piece that expresses the kind of happiness that is hard to contain as it bubbles up from the soul - a beautiful opening! “Fly Away” is more on the bittersweet side - very quiet, wistful, and one of my favorites. “Someday I Will” is a warm and gentle waltz that plays like a cozy  daydream. “Inner Strength” delivers its message with a strong, flowing rhythm and conversational melody. The title track is a soft-spoken powerhouse that could have been created spontaneously late at night by candlelight - a man going into the depths of his soul at the piano. “Dance With Me” is a sweet and romantic invitation in 3/4 time. “North Star” is a favorite with its gently flowing rhythm and graceful melody - sheet music???? I also really like “Reflections on the Water,” stillness and peace set to music. “Out to Sea” is a different water experience altogether. Although it is still calm, the power of the ocean is suggested in the deep bass of the piano. “A Quiet Peace” floats as softly as a puffy white cloud on a blue sky, bringing this excellent album to a serene and blissful close. Where’s that “replay” button???

The Road Ahead is inspiring from the first note to the last and establishes Michael Logozar as a distinctive voice in the solo piano community. The album is available from, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!!!

Kathy Parsons


Kendra Logozar's (formerly known as Kendra Springer) life has always been full of music.

She began violin lessons at the age of 8 but at the age of 12 after a neighbor moved away and left their old piano for Kendra's family, Kendra found her true musical love; the piano. She began excitedly picking out tunes from an old method book and soon began playing for her church.

She spent many years playing for various soloists, groups and churches, even a country music dinner show as her musical sensibility grew. She began writing her own songs in 2009 and recorded her first album Hope.

In 2011 she attended her first Whisperings solo concert featuring David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, Philip Wesley and Michael Logozar and was excited to become involved in hosting and performing.She loves the warmth and intimacy of home concerts and the chance to meet and share music with fans in such a personal venue.

After the process of recording her 2nd album Faith together with producer and fellow artist Michael Logozar, Kendra and Michael's relationship grew from friendship to love. They were married in the fall of 2012 and continue to host and play concerts together.

You can listen to Kendra's music on radio stations worldwide and Pandora, Spotify, Youtube and she also plays concerts around the USA.

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